What can professional personal branding photography add to your business marketing.

One of the things I notice everywhere is that many small businesses are dismissing the power of their own branded image and seem to prefer to gamble by using sub-standard stock images that they have found for free online or even worse images taken on their smartphone to use in their marketing messages. This is like pulling the plug on a sink full of potential customers and watching them wave to you as they disappear down the plug hole.

Let me explain.

I recently noticed a blog post placed on Linkedin by a small business owner that I knew and it was a photograph of a headless guy adjusting their tie, the photo had been cropped tight and the article which had a link to the website was something about employers knowing about dress code at work. The photograph had no connection at all to the company posting the blog and was obviously a stock photograph.

In my opinion this business owner missed a trick because what they could have done is to have included themselves in the photograph with an over the shoulder shot of them adjusting their tie in the mirror.

What this would have done is given the company a more authentic approach by using their own face in the image. Then to add further credibility they could have added their company logo into the image and maybe added words in the company font into the photograph with the title of the blog post.

In this way, you are building your brand image and keeping you connected to your audience by constantly letting your audience see who you are and can better identify you. Simply put, it’s photos of you and your company, doing what you do on a regular basis and that’s the key to successful branding.

Let’s be honest. As humans, we’re nosy. We like the “inside scoop.” We love a story that we can see ourselves in.

We know the mantra, people buy from people and companies that we like, know and trust.

Photographs of you, your company, your products, your services are what builds that trust from the first time your audience sees your social media posts.


A professional personal branding session doesn’t’ have to be expensive and in the long run it will keep your business on brand and at the cutting edge in the eyes of your target market.

Why compromise your brand image and gamble on something that you have been building with a passion by “Cutting off your nose to spite your face” by thinking you are saving money with a DIY mentality to grow your business. It doesn’t work like this.

What could be better than having your own library of photos of your own company that will build authority and your branding in the short and long term.

As a customer, aren’t you more likely to buy from the company that has authentic imagery of what they do or create?


My personal branding shoot prices start from £400.

Please contact me at: al@alfrankmonkphotography.uk