How do you know that investing in professional personal branding images will pay off?

In the early days of being a start-up entrepreneur and small business owner you don’t consider things like brand image because you’re just caught up in all the excitement of getting something wonderful off the ground and you haven’t quite yet realized what a daunting decision you have made in setting up. You have barely thought about a brand let alone getting a personal branding image.

I didn’t think seriously about my own brand image until 2 years after founding my company 5 years ago and I’m a photographer. Go figure! I was just too busy trying to get going and get some clients and basically learn about the world of business.

Eventually it dawns on you that at network events there are people with a logo on their shirt, pull up banners in their chosen font and colours, and you visit their website and there is the same logo, colours and font etc. Then the penny seems to drop that you need to give more consideration to this word ‘brand’.

Now you have become more aware of the game in hand you scroll back through you Facebook business page and gasp in horror at some of the images you have been consistently putting out into the world and in front of your potential target audience too. Then you realise why the leads have never got going because of the story you are unwittingly telling everyone.

Quickly you pull as many of the images as you can from the recent history and make the decision to never post those kinds of images again if you ever want your business to be a success.

Although you mean well with all those selfies the overall vibe is one of unprofessional and amateur. It’s no good, from here on in you will use a professional image maker to upgrade your brand image and be consistent with the colours, font and general brand image.

First you need to figure out who you are, what you do and why you do it because when consumers buy a product or service, they aren’t just buying a product or service; they’re buying what your brand stands for.

Okay, it’s time to find a suitable professional photographer to help you make the step up but how do you know that investing in a professional personal branding photographer will pay off?

Essentially, personal branding creates the impression of you in the mind of your current and target customers and the professional photography images will only go to enhance that impression. It’s the icing on the cake so to speak, it’s how they visually connect with you on a regular basis that counts. You are the designer of your own brand image so try to convey exactly the right kind of messages week in, week out and by building a rapport with your chosen photographer will only go to help you capture the look and feel of your brand.

The reality is a successful professional brand photo-shoot has the capacity to distinguish how people recognize you and your business, as well as having the ability to modify how YOU understand yourself and your business.

It’s no coincidence that by having professional images of your brand creates a credibility in the minds of your audience that allows them to know, like and trust you. And we all know this could be the difference between getting a customer and not.

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