Discover how Al can help you to create Talking Head video content.

One of the most powerful types of video to consider for any business marketing plan is the talking head video style. What makes them worthy of consideration for any company is they are a very authentic and straightforward way to educate, inform and entertain your audience over a consistent period-of-time. They also give your company a ‘face’ that customers can relate to and begin the journey towards building the know, like and trust ethic of any good marketing strategy.

It generally means making videos of just the head, shoulders and torso and can be great for a company marketing strategy by engaging with an audience on a regular basis to build brand awareness and communicate how the business operates and who the main characters are of the brand.

This can build a successful know, like and trust relationship with your potential clients and customers over a short period-of-time by regularly committing the videos to your social media platforms. This gives your audience an interactive stance and gets them involved in your messages by being allowed to comment, like and share the video.


When I work with a new client I like to build a rapport with them to be able to work on their strengths and weaknesses and build up their confidence when it comes to being in front of the camera and to better understand what kind of messages they want to communicate to their audience.

There is more to making a talking head video than people realise especially when thinking about content and the delivery of the message. It’s vital to be writing the right kind of content [script] and the right amount of content in terms of how many words you are thinking of including in the video.

The reality is that people’s attention spans are very short in this digital age and it’s vital the videos are kept short and to the point. It’s better to create ten short videos discussing the merits of ten single points rather than having ten points in one long video.


I sometimes get people saying they don’t know what to write about and what to say in a video. This is where building the rapport can help to encourage a client to loosen some creative ideas from their thinking and start to get them to put ideas onto paper and begin the process of writing a script.

In my experience of writing talking head video scripts I believe 150 words is more than enough. I usually start by making 10 titles that I feel could work as talking head video content and start to consider each title on its own merit and in no particular-order.

Then I start to add some key words and phrases connected to that title and begin to add meat to the bone so to speak.

Once you have written some scripts and are ready to shoot then you will need to spend some time in preparation in getting familiar with the content and how you are going to deliver it to camera.

It’s important you are comfortable with the script and understand what you are going to say so that it allows for some freedom in making it sound natural and authentic. We need you to be you and not some nervous quivering wreck and this simply comes down to how well you have prepared. It’s just not possible to remember the whole script especially when under pressure of being on camera so I use certain tricks that allow for us to capture the content without all the pressure.

I try to avoid teleprompters and will only use one as a last resort, but again, if you have prepared well then it will not be necessary.

I generally travel to you to create the video content and can work in most available spaces but I do prefer to see the premises beforehand due to the potential of recording poor quality sound due to external noises or echo within the space itself. If this situation arises then we may have to come up with an alternative venue.

If you have any worries about doing talking head videos particularly how you may come across then I can help to make you feel relaxed and give you multiple run-throughs until you feel happy with the final take.

I specialize in helping people get great results on camera through building a rapport making people confident in how they look and sound in delivering their message.

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