About Me

  • I took the train from Hong Kong to Shanghai ’24 hours’
  • I listen to punk/grunge bands like Husker Du, Nirvana & the Stranglers
  • My 3 top YouTubers are Peter Mckinnon, The Armchair Detective & Rick Beato
  • If I had a dog it would be a Pug or French Bulldog
  • I’m a LEO so of course  love the sun & hot sunny countries
  • My last trip was to Lisbon in Portugal
  • I spent 3 years in hipster Totnes, Devon
  • I created a photography book on Paris “Bombe Le Torse”
  • I once spent 6 months in Greece picking fruit
  • My style is hard work, chilled and informal.

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If you would like to work with Al then please get in touch to discuss whether my style will fit into your vision towards making great photographs.

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